Dale vN Marshall :

"Beauty in the Wound"

Aug 23 - Sept 11

New works on canvas and paper


Dale Marshall (1974, UK) is a contemporary painter who lives and works in the Welsh countryside, at the foothills of Snowdonia National Park.

Originally a graffiti writer painting the streets of Bristol and the South West of England, Dale was sectioned in 1999 in one of Britain’s oldest asylums whilst plagued with psychotic episodes and clinical depression. He attributes his mental health to his once volatile relationship with graffiti and drug abuse, forging a profound effect on his later works, and eventual move into fine art where he now fully embraces the role as a modern day, tortured master. Marshall’s work – along with his alter ego Vermin – documents a personal journey through order and chaos, ingraining deep emotional toil with remnants and empirical memento from his time inside the Cornwall County Asylum."Dale has gained much admiration and acclaim for his candid methodology, expanding his collector base internationally, with shows throughout the UK and USA, including the now legendary Room 101 exhibition" and an upcoming large-scale UK museum show scheduled for 2014."


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