Canyon Castator is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1989 whose practice includes oil painting, video, and digital works created on an iPad. Across these media, his masterful drawing, loose spontaneous hand, and the presence of the figure are ubiquitous. Castator’s works explore identity and relationships in the digital age, where the screen can function as a flat surface, a window, and a mirror at the same time, just as the canvas did in the past. His use of digital finger painting and repeated imagery evoke the personal/impersonal nature of online relationships in which the line between acquaintances and strangers can become blurred, and touch is transferred from the body to the screen. To generate source material for his paintings, Castator directs other photographers to take pictures of people who are close to him to in order to create an emotional distance for himself. He describes this process as the reverse of finding a photo of a stranger on the Internet and dragging it to your desktop, creating a connection to an image that is not your own. Castator is the son of a sculptor and grew up drawing in his father’s studio. He has created original works and installations for the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, and Bring to Light as well as exhibiting with galleries both nationally and internationally. He and lives and works in Brooklyn.