August 26 – September 9 Saturday, September 9, 7-10pm  935 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA. 90046

Artist Statement:

Moneyless (Teo Pirisi) makes his third appearance at Soze Gallery on August 26, 2017, with his series of works entitled “Transparency.” “Transparency” demonstrates an evolved aesthetic and renewed vision. The works of his debut (2012) focused on the intricate collisions of abstract shapes, reduced from organic forms found in nature. The meticulous nature of his creations sustained the gaze through evidence of its painstaking production, as well as its hallucinatory aspects—the boundaries of his forms seem proscribed yet also seemingly uncontainable. His third showing at Soze reveals five years of an artistic trajectory that has evolved to its current state—the inquiry into the relations between form, color, and plasticity. His wood-block prints on hemp linen, for example, literalize the relation between sculptural object (the wood block) and the rectangular format of the hemp “canvas.” The direct, painterly imprints that the wood block marks onto the hemp textile are solid and expressionistic, gesturely and playful. The opacity of the colors parallels the solidity of the wood block medium, which in the case of Moneyless’s works, creates large planes and swaths of monochromatic color. These particular works recall Matisse’s late cut-outs, which inquired into the nature of positive and negative space, and the essential role of color in creating form. Moneyless’s site-specific works, installations of wired string amongst a serene landscape, question how we receive the “final state” of an artwork. His installations invite bodily participation, but only appear to us as a pristine, 2D photograph. The starkly geometric lines of white string against the wild bounds of the nature-scapes frame our view thereby. Moneyless’s intervention into the natural, organic forms of nature with his nod to minimalist, site-specific sculpture again springs from his discovery of the differing relation between sculpture and flattened, geometric form.  His acrylic on paper works invert the sculptural-to-2D paradigm, in his exploration of overlapping, abstracted shapes with varying opacities that verge on the sculptural. The mere layering of these shapes creates a veritable illusion of depth and space, with the gradients of color guiding our eyes through the scattered compositions of these works. What is mere color, and how does color create the illusion of 3D form? Moneyless thrives in this limbo space as he gives the viewer a sense of his formal experimentation.

Soze Gallery, Located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, Soze Gallery is pleased to present TRANSPARENCY, a collection of new paintings and sculptures by Italian Artist Teo Pirisi, (Moneyless) and his third solo exhibition in Los Angeles. This is Moneyless third year with Soze’s residency program.Soze Gallery deals in contemporary artworks that innovate, inspire, and experiment. Having exhibited works by various artists, from RETNA, Augustine Kofie, and Dave Kinsey, to Miss Van, Cyrcle, and Jaybo Monk, Soze Gallery represents an uninhibited spirit when it comes to its artists. Founded by Toowee Kao, an arts advisor and dealer, Soze continues to prize the invigorating powers of cutting-edge art on the public.