Art Consultant & Director of Soze Gallery in Los Angeles

Toowee Kao is a Director and private art consultant who represents 4 of our ambassadors at her Los Angeles-based Soze Gallery: Zio Ziegler, Jaybo Monk, Peter Gronquist, and Gregory Siff.. but also for all the other young Contemporary artists who are entrusted in her care. Toowee Kao is an essential supporter since she is not only a natural talent when it comes to art business but also aims to make being an artist a little less hard in every way and offers an artist residency program in downtown Los Angeles for Soze's international artists. in short: Toowee has got her eyes on the future of art and never stops impressing us with her power; she supports young contemporary artists in their creative pursuit of success and happiness.

Alongside her commitment to Soze Gallery and Soze Residency, Toowee Kao runs Time to Shine Gallery and Camp2e. Time To Shine Gallery is not only home to Camp2e but also a project concept space and gallery which offers local Los Angeles-based artists a work and exhibition space as well as give them “opportunities to shine.” whereas Camp2e is dedicated to the little ones. the art camp for kids brings together less fortunate, inner city children and artists featured in Soze Gallery to help them to get into art – it’s “a fun space to explore, experience, and create new works of art” that relies on Toowee's belief that giving these children a chance to get creative will allow them to build a better future for themselves.