Yelena York


Yelena York Tonoyan, known as York, was born and raised in Eastern Europe and currently resides in Los Angeles. York pursued studies in graphic design and photography. Her studies landed her opportunities in art and design. At 24, York established herself as a go tofor interior design. York Armenian and Russian background has given her inspiration for her work. Aside from her culture, York vast love of travel abroad and her knowledge of art history immerse in her pieces. She turned to a different interest with her current collection of mixed media pieces. Her collections of paintings of guns are breathtaking dimensions of colors and 22 karat gold and silver leafs, mostly the technique and quality she uses is being done on iconic statues or paintings of Saints (for Christian or Catholic churches). 

Yorks work is seen and followed by prominent collectors, celebrities and today contemporary artist. She has shown at Art Basel in Miami, Houston Art Fair, Bridge Art Hampton, LA Mart Art Life,Palm Springs Art Fair, the LA Art Show and many others, including lots of press and Award for Best Artist at the Oxford Art Fair 2015. Yelena York Tonoyan has an inventive character that leads her convey the ordinary entities, shapes and patterns of life to new heights.  She is also working on a collection of extremely detailed pen and ink illustrations. Her modernized inspiration earns her artwork the exploration of wealth through black and white.